Go For More in ’24!
A Six-Week Attendance Challenge

Start Date: Monday, January 15, 2024
End Date: Friday, February 23, 2024

During these six weeks, we are challenging you, our members, to attend 4 classes within one week! Live classes, Virtual classes, Coffee and Connect, and Meeting up with your Pathfinder Mentor ALL count as a class.

Every time you participate in 4 classes within one week, you will receive a $10 gift card AND be entered into the drawing for the BIG PRIZE at the end of the six-week challenge. And if you bring a friend, you automatically get your name put in the drawing.


Members, this challenge is meant to be a fun and motivating way to encourage you to:

  • Try classes you may not have tried yet
  • Form more consistent workout habits
  • Attend a Coffee and Connect and perhaps make a new friend
  • Celebrate your own and each other’s successes

We will have a poster board with each participant’s name on it near the front desk. Each class you attend, remember to put your gold star on the attendance chart!  Each Friday, we will announce the weekly winners. Please encourage, congratulate, and “sing each other’s songs” throughout these weeks.

At the end, we will celebrate everyone’s accomplishments together.

Once the six-week challenge is completed, we will perform our 6-month movement screenings and impact surveys to see and celebrate the progress you each have made.If you would like to participate in this Attendance Challenge, please contact Bethany at bethany@parkinsonspointe.org and she will gladly add you. or sign up at the form below: