Make a positive impact on how chronic disease is managed and support people impacted by Parkinson’s Disease

What We Do

Parkinson’s Pointe is a non-profit health promotion and wellness center in the Denver metro area that supports people affected by Parkinson’s disease through community connection, peer mentorship programs and PD specific exercise and education classes. 

  • Our programs help people to navigate the challenges associated with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s
  • Our peer-to-peer mentorship programs help to increase resiliency and sustain healthy habits
  • Our exercise classes help maintain or improve mobility to slow disease progression

Why It Matters

People who participate in exercise notice their symptoms improve just like if they had taken an extra dose of medication.

When people with PD exercise 150 minutes per week, research shows they can slow the progression of their disease.

On their own, many people stop exercising after 30 days, but people who engage in peer mentorship and accountability groups are shown to continue to exercise and use healthy habits despite challenges.

Belonging to a community has been shown to ease loneliness, which has been shown to be the #1 cause of disease progression.

Parkinson’s Pointe relies 100% on donations and your support ensures that cost is not a barrier to a better life!

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Medication alone is not enough. The one activity that has been truly disease-altering for me is high intensity exercise. Exercise along with the comradery you feel when working-out hard alongside your friends in the community.

I am in better shape now than I was before I was diagnosed. I know now my life is on the line. But I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of my community and these classes.