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All members of Parkinson’s Pointe should attend a quick orientation prior to class. 

This allows us to meet you ahead of time and help you to choose the best classes for your particular needs. 

What are you waiting for?  Sign up for your orientation today by clicking the button below. 

Due to the holiday, No Classes Friday 12/25 and 12/31.

In-Person Strength & Balance is canceled beginning in January.

Live in person strength and Balance class is canceled due to COVID.  We look forward to seeing you in person again when safety allows us to do so.  

Schedule changes for January include:

Tai Chi moves to Wed at 10:00 am

Strength and Balance moves to 1:30 pm on Mon and Wed

Find updated links to all your favorite classes below.  Please join class by clicking on the link provided below.  They have been updated and are class specific.

Special Events


Let’s Talk About PD Baby…

– Each month we will explore a different topic related to PD and share the challenges and changes we have been able to create in this area.  January’s topic includes fitness and balance with moderator Dr. Meredith.

Book Club

-Every two weeks we will meet virtually, discuss, and apply lessons learned from our chosen book.  For Janurary to March we will be reading “Parkinsons Treatment: 10 Secrets to a Happier Life” by Michael Okun.  Find it on amazon.  

Virtual Program Schedule

We may not be able to meet in person but we can still enjoy class together!

  • Please find the class you wish to take below.
  • Click the link listed below “join zoom meeting” to participate in class.
  • You may join from your home computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • You will need to download the free zoom app if using a tablet or smart phone.
  • If you are new to zoom please watch this video to help you get started.


Please use caution when exercising in your home.  Find a safe space with plenty of room to move.  Use a chair or counter top for support as needed.  Feel free to invite your family to join you or help you in maintaining your balance as needed.  Please note that you are exercising at your own risk and Parkinson’s Pointe is not responsible for any injury that may occur during the viewing of these virtual classes.

Thank you for joining us virtually!  We look forward to exercising with you. 


Monday and Wednesday:

Strength and Balance 1:30 pm – bring a chair and small weights or soup cans

Click HERE to join

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Fitboxing 9:30 am with Alejandro

Click HERE to join

Fitboxing Foundations 11:00 am with Jimmy

Click HERE to join



Tai Chi 10:00 am with Al – bring a sturdy chair no wheels

Click HERE to join



Yoga for All Levels at 9:00am with Shruti

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Dance with Parkinson’s at 1:00 pm with Robyn 

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Event Recordings:

Friday 3/27 Financial Planning: What you need to know as you head into the golden years

With Jack Venerable, certified financial planner

10:30 AM Virtually at Parkinson’s Pointe

View the recording:

Friday 4/3 Lessons Learned in PD Panel Discussion – A kick off to PD Awareness Month

Panel includes Judith D., Michelle G., Greg R., and Joe M.

View the recording:

Fitboxing Foundations Recorded Class – View HERE

Tai Chi Recorded Class – View HERE

Strength and Balance Recorded Class – View HERE

Class Descriptions

Silver Level

Fit-Boxing Foundations– A fun, high energy, movement based class focused on developing beginner fundamentals of boxing while integrating balance, agility, and strength training into your weekly routine.  This class will encourage those who need the support of a walker or cane to challenge themselves.


Blue Level

Yoga Foundations– New to yoga? This is a wonderful place to start. Learn the basics of a yoga practice and begin to build strength, improve balance, and increase your flexibility.

Dance for PD– Explore movement and rhythm in this fun, community based class.


Purple Level

Fit-boxing– Challenge yourself with intense and complex movements that integrate boxing to promote balance, agility, and strength.  This class is for those who are looking for a high intensity workout that challenges them.

Strength and Balance– A body weight, functional workout that will challenge your balance and improve your strength.  Come see what your body can do!

Yoga Level 2– An inspiring and invigorating practice with a very relaxing ending to class. Builds strength, challenges balance, develops flexibility, and promotes a sense of inner calm.  This class is for those who have practiced yoga before or mastered yoga foundations.


Green Level

Young Onset Class- COMING SOON