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All members of Parkinson’s Pointe should attend a quick orientation prior to class. 

This allows us to meet you ahead of time and help you to choose the best classes for your particular needs. 

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Class Descriptions

Silver Level

Fit-Boxing Foundations– A fun, high energy, movement based class focused on developing beginner fundamentals of boxing while integrating balance, agility, and strength training into your weekly routine.  This class will encourage those who need the support of a walker or cane to challenge themselves.

Blue Level

Yoga Foundations– New to yoga? This is a wonderful place to start. Learn the basics of a yoga practice and begin to build strength, improve balance, and increase your flexibility.

Dance for PD– Explore movement and rhythm in this fun, community based class.

Good VibrationsGet ready to move, sing, and play instruments while working on your cognition. This class is meant to be a fun way for us to achieve exercise, respiratory strength, and cognition while listening, singing, and moving to our preferred music. 

QiGong– A Chinese system of physical exercises, energy movement, and breath control to improve movement and mood.  

Purple Level

Fit-boxing– Challenge yourself with intense and complex movements that integrate boxing to promote balance, agility, and strength.  This class is for those who are looking for a high intensity workout that challenges them.

HIIT– High Intensity Interval Training is a form of cardiovascular exercise that alternates short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods to help you build strength.  Come see what your body can do! 

Core & Flexibility– Improve your fluidity of movement and improve your posture. This class focuses on strength training, flexibility and reducing stiffness. 

Yoga Level 2– An inspiring and invigorating practice with a very relaxing ending to class. Builds strength, challenges balance, develops flexibility, and promotes a sense of inner calm.  This class is for those who have practiced yoga before or mastered yoga foundations. 

Green Level

Young Onset Balance Plus– A high level balance and movement class that will challenge you! This class is intended for individuals with young onset Parkinson’s Disease.

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Special Events:

Friday 1/24 – Parkinson’s and Exercise – 10:30am – 11:30am


Dr. Meredith Roberts Lo

Friday 1/30 –  Open House – 10:30am – 12:30pm

Our instructors will be here to demonstrate classes and answer questions.