Step 1: Sign up for Orientation

All members of Parkinson’s Pointe should attend a
quick orientation prior to class.

This allows us to meet you ahead of time and help you to choose the best classes for your particular needs.
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Program Schedule

In Person Classes – starting April 1st!

East Community Center, 5933 S Fairfield St Littleton, CO 80120

Class Descriptions

Dance for PD
Instructor: Robyn
How:  Virtual
Join us VIRTUALLY to move to the music and creatively get a workout. No dance training is required. Just a smile and willingness to let your body enjoy the rhythm.

Instructor: Sarah
How: East Community Center
Taking foundations to the next level! Challenge yourself with intense and complex movements that integrate boxing to promote agility, improve balance and gain strength.

Pilates/Barre for PD
Instructor: Bethany
How: East Community Center
Utilizing the ballet bar we will strengthen, tone and increase core strength all to improve posture and balance for those with PD. This class is modified to address the unique needs of people with Parkinson’s and includes more extension exercises for posture. Although there are fundamentals to Pilates, each class will be creative, new and fun!

Spinning for PD
Join us for a class designed to help you get your heart rate up and beat your PD progression. Take this class at your pace as all levels are welcome. You can always join the class for as long as you would like to ride. You will be guided by our certified spin coach for a fun and fantastic ride.

Tai Chi
Instructor: Allan
How: East Community Center
A Chinese system of physical exercises, energy movement, and breath control to improve movement and mood. Learn the basics of a Tai Chi practice and begin to build strength, improve balance, and increase your flexibility. All levels are welcome at this class.

Instructor: Shruti
How: East Community Center
An inspiring and invigorating practice with a very relaxing ending to class. Builds strength, challenges balance, develops flexibility, and promotes a sense of inner calm. This class is for everyone and VIRTUAL.

Yoga for All
Instructor: Shruti
How:  In-person at CenterStage Starz!
An inspiring and invigorating practice with a very relaxing ending to class. Builds strength, challenges balance, develops flexibility, and promotes a sense of inner calm. This class is for everyone.


Robyn Gisbert: A doctor of physical therapy with 25 years of experience. She currently serves as Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Physical Therapy Program where she has taught since 2007. Much of her clinical work has focused on using music and dance with older adults and individuals who have neurological disorders.  She serves as a senior instructor for our community.

Bethany Labue: A certified group fitness instructor, certified STOTT Pilates instructor, and is a well-being enthusiast.  She has taught group fitness for over 15 years including strength and balance, Pilates, indoor cycling, and is a professional life coach.  She is excited to be a part of the PD community.

Shruti Keskar: A certified yoga instructor, she has developed a passion for applying the art of yoga to those with movement limitations and PD.  She has been teaching in the Parkinson’s community for a couple years and is now working towards her advanced degree in yoga.

Allan Marvin: A certified personal trainer and dedicated coach to all seniors.  Al has applied his love for Tai Chi, spinning, and strength and conditioning to our community.

Sarah Crowther Underwood: With multiple certifications including ACE Group Fitness, Schwinn Cycle and many Les Mills formats, she enjoys all kinds of movement and looks forward to sharing her experience with the Parkinson’s Pointe community.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we host our educational events and classes in playlists by type.

Please use caution when exercising in your home.  Find a safe space with plenty of room to move.  Use a chair or counter top for support as needed.  Feel free to invite your family to join you or help you in maintaining your balance as needed.  Please note that you are exercising at your own risk and Parkinson’s Pointe is not responsible for any injury that may occur during the viewing of these virtual classes.

Thank you for joining us virtually!  We look forward to exercising with you.