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Do you feel alone and isolated in your Parkinson’s diagnosis? Do you know you should exercise but don’t know where to start? Exercise is the only research Parkinson’s Pointe offers community, education and fitness classes to improve your quality of life.   Find the event that is right for you, or explore all via our program schedule.

Program Schedule

Educational Events

We empower people impacted by Parkinsons with education to allow them to manage their disease.  We offer a variety of topics on the 4th Friday of every month virtually.  If you miss a talk, view it on our YouTube page.

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Join Our Community

Our community helps ease loneliness, which has been shown to be the #1 cause of disease progression.  We aim to facilitate connections for the Parkinson’s community locally and globally.

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Exercise Classes

There are no two people with Parkinson’s Disease with the same symptoms, or who experience the same challenges.  Parkinson’s Pointe provides a variety of class options and support in creating a customized plan that works for you!

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Peer to Peer Mentorship

The Pathfinders Program at Parkinsons Pointe provides those who have been recently diagnosed the opportunity to meet with peers who have been living with Parkinsons and thriving. Through peer support, mentorship and introduction to the Parkinson’s community, we walk with the person as they find their path with Parkinsons.

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