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U-Step Neuro Walker – September 22, 2023

Additional information from U-Step.

How to choose the right Neuro Walker

U-Step Neuro Walker Ordering Instructions

Two forms (updated in 2023) to simplify the process of getting Medicare coverage for the U-Step Neuro Walker.  The Detailed Order / Prescription form should answer questions about conditions / criteria for Medicare reimbursement:
Guide for Prescribing the U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer
Detailed Order / Prescription

For those who have financial challenges, here is the link to the Melvin Weinstein Parkinson’s Foundation application for help to acquire the U-Step Neuro Walker. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at (800) 558-7837.

Speech Therapy and Parkinson’s Disease – August 25, 2023

Members can expect to learn:

  • Common voice, swallow, and cognitive changes related to Parkinson’s
  • Different speech therapy interventions and approaches
  • SPEAK OUT! therapy and outcomes

Estate Planning Essentials – April 28, 2023

Attorneys Skip Reynolds and Sue Mickus will present on the essentials of estate planning – both during life and upon death. During life, individuals can provide trusted agents or family members instructions and powers of attorney to handle their financial and medical affairs if they cannot manage or make decisions on their own. Establishing plans for administration of your estate upon death help important people in your life know how you would like your estate administered and distributed.

Deep Brain Stimulation – March 24, 2023

You will learn:

  • DBS overview and candidacy
  • DBS Outcomes
  • Living with DBS- technology and programming

Herbs, Supplements and Acupuncture are an Effective Treatment for Parkinson’s – January 27, 2023

You will learn:

  • How we diagnose patients as an Acupuncturist
  • A treatment plan takes time
  • Managing Expectations
  • Integration of Herbal Medicine and Western Medicine: A Case Study

Exercise and Parkinson’s: current research and how you can participate – September 23, 2022

You will learn:

  • Exercise effects on PD symptoms
  • Current understand of exercise on PD progression
  • Ongoing opportunity for exercise participation at the University of Colorado

Important Considerations Regarding Driving with Parkinson’s
August 26, 2022

What you’ll learn during this discussion:

  • How can Parkinson’s impact driving skills
  • Should you be evaluated, what the DMV expectations are
  • Can modifying driving make it less challenging and safer

CBD 101: Overview of Cannabidiol with Dr. Dorninger, ND, Lac
July 22, 2022

  • The science behind how cannabidiol works in the body intertwined with evidence from medical and peer-reviewed studies
  • Questions about Parkinson’s Disease symptoms and how you may be able to find relief with CBD
  • Learn about CBD dosing and contraindications and how to source CBD that is third-party tested to guarantee purity, potency and quality

Living Well with Parkinson’s
June 24, 2022

What you’ll learn during this discussion:

  • How others have moved forward with a diagnosis of Parkinsons
  • What others have found to be the most valuable tools for managing their Parkinsons
  • Ask the tough questions you have wanted answered by other living with PD

Optimizing Nutrition to Slow the Progression of Parkinson’s
May 27, 2022

Dr. Emma Wilder, Naturopathic medicine doctor leads this discussion about:

  • What is the evidence-based diet that improves symptoms and slows the progression of the disease
  • What are the key elements of this diet that makes it successful
  • Practical Steps to applying this diet to your daily life