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Presented by Meredith Roberts Lo, DPT with Parkinson’s Pointe

This 6-week series is focused on the emotional management of illness, which is just as important as the medical management. Leave with tangible skills you can use to help improve your emotional wellness.

Starting Thursday September 7, each session is 90 minutes, running from 1:00p – 2:30pm MST.   The series is offered as either in-person at CenterStage Starz! or virtually.

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  • Format: 6-week series with each week building on prior sessions
  • Length: 90 minutes with a combination of lecture and small group activity/learning
  • Location: Both in-person at CenterStage Starz and virtual sessions are available
  • Dates: Fall Series: Starting September 7, 2023 through October 12, 2023
  • Time: 1-2:30 pm Mountain Time
  • Cost: Donations are encouraged but not mandatory.

Handling Shame on
the Road to Wholeness

Speaker: Stephen Labue, LCDR, USN (ret)
September 7, 1pm

Originally from Wisconsin, Stephen is a retired Navy Chaplain with over 25 years of helping others overcome challenges in order to live out their best possible lives. He has lived all over the United States, in Italy, and also in Singapore before settling in Littleton, CO. He loves to travel, cycle, and spend time with his family.

Nervous System
Regulation 101

Speaker: Robyn Gisbert, DPT
September 14, 1pm
Headshot Robyn-Gisbert

Dr. Robyn Gisbert is a physical therapist and a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  She is living her dharma teaching others how to infuse moments of joy, peace, and love into their personal and professional lives. For a creative outlet, she writes and performs music around Denver and absolutely adores her two gray tabbies.


Speaker: Jennifer Medina, Ph.D
September 21, 1pm

Jennifer Medina, Ph.D is a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in cognitive assessment and psychotherapy services for individuals with neurological and cognitive diagnoses. As a fellowship trained neuropsychologist, Dr. Medina provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations at WellPower, formerly the Mental Health Center of Denver.

Cognition in Parkinson’s

Speaker: Dr. Mimi Castelo
September 28, 1pm

Mimi Castelo is a clinical neuropsychologist. She completed her training in the Boston area, with a doctoral degree in psychology from Boston University and specialized training in the field of neuropsychology. A neuropsychologist’s job is to assess a person’s cognitive skills (or thinking abilities), often in the setting of a medical problem or brain disease or injury. This may include evaluating memory, attention, language, visuospatial, and problem-solving skills, as well as a person’s emotional health.

Grief and Loss
in Parkinson’s

Speaker: Luci Draayer, LCSW, CMC
October 5, 1pm

Luci Draayer, LCSW, CMC, has been a healthcare Social Worker and Care Manager for 25 years. Most of her career has been in non-profit settings working with adults and families as they navigate major health transitions in their lives, particularly in the arena of chronic conditions and serious illness. This includes an emphasis on the “aging family,” caregiver health, and grief and loss.

The Winding Paths of
Acceptance and Resilience

Speaker: Mary O’Hara, LCSW
October 12, 1pm

Mary has over seventeen years of experience in the field of Neurological Conditions. In addition to clinically supporting diagnosed individuals and families, she has developed, and researched programs aimed at improving the quality of life for those diagnosed. In her current role in the Outpatient Psychiatry clinic at the University of Colorado, Mary offers short term psychotherapy to those diagnosed to cope with grief, anxiety, depression, or changes in relationships. In addition to processing their unique emotional experience, her practice is dedicated to helping clients continue to find meaning, connection, and enjoyment in their lives.

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