In collaboration with members of the community, Parkinson’s Pointe was established and serves as a model for community-based programming, exercise and wellness, supporting people with Parkinson’s Disease and their care teams.

We empower people with Parkinson’s to challenge physical limitations through movement and combat isolation through community and connection with peers.

Parkinson’s Pointe is unique due to three key elements underlying the program design.

  • Self-efficacy
  • High intensity, complex exercise
  • Access to supportive community

The Pathfinders Mentoring Program, our pillar program, creates connection between those who are newly, or recently, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and those who have already experienced the impact of PD – creating a very needed support group. The most important part of making these mentor/mentee connections is simply: social interaction.  Parkinson’s disease can be extremely limiting and isolating.

Our momentum in pursuing our mission is powered by the generosity of our supporters and motivated by the promise of an active tomorrow for people living with Parkinson’s.