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Director of Community Outreach and Program Advancement Job Description

The Director of Community Outreach and Program Advancement reports to the Executive Director. This newly-created role works collaboratively with functional leadership across the organization to develop effective community outreach strategies, enhance and activities and oversee Parkinson’s Pointe Center operations including management of Center volunteers.

.Community Outreach 45%

  • Create a network of medical/service providers working directly with PWP in order to establish systematic touch points including in-person and digital strategies.
  • Develop a clear referral process resulting in an increase of members, advisors and caregivers to Parkinson’s Pointe (double membership in 2022).
  • Develop systematic intake process for new referrals including members, advisors and caregivers.
  • Oversee the “match” for Pathfinder mentors/advisors.


Program Advancement 35%

  • Work directly with Ed and BOD to establish ongoing educational and social opportunities for members and caregivers.
  • Establish tracking and rewards program for members and caregivers based on classes and interactions.
  • Develop a recognition program to support the rewards program.
  • Work with ED, BOD, DD to establish a high-level Speaker Bureau. Partner with DD for funding opportunities for the Speakers Bureau.


Infrastructure and Operations 20%

  • Recruit, train and manage Parkinson’s Pointe Center volunteers.
  • Manage Parkinson’s Pointe Center class schedule.
  • Oversee Parkinson’s Pointe Center instructors including scheduling.
  • Manage supplies and inventory.
  • Ensure that Parkinson’s Pointe Center provides a welcoming, caring and high-performing environment to members and caregivers.

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Organizational Awareness: Able to identify and use information about people, political dynamics, and the organization’s climate in order to promote change; use knowledge of timing, agendas, and group processes to accomplish legitimate objectives.
  • Strategic Perspective: Able to develop long-term, big picture strategies to enhance competitiveness; recognize broad implications of issues; balance and integrate strategic vision with day-to-day activities.
  • Develop Relationships: Able to relate with others while building credibility and rapport; give personal support and reassurance; put others at ease; build cooperative relationships.
  • Trust and Respect: Able to demonstrate respect and treat others in an honest and straightforward manner; keep dealings with others confidential; keep word and follow through on commitments.
  • Verbal Communication: Able to clearly express ideas, information, or concerns with the spoken word; present verbal information in a straightforward manner; listen to understand perspective of others.
  • Deal with Ambiguity: Able to maintain composure and handle frequent job changes or unexpected disruptions; work with conflicting, delayed, or unclear information; remain effective when faced with change and uncertainty.
  • Responsiveness: Able to take action to meet the needs of others; respond to solve problems; minimize delays or problems with little or no supervision.
  • Project Management: Able to control and complete projects on time; involve others in planning; clearly define role and goals and track performance.


Educational and Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • A minimum of five years related experience required preferably in social impact environment, relations, membership development.
  • Strong project management experience, presentation skills, and verbal and written communications.