Meet Our Team

Meet the Community at Parkinson’s Pointe

Meredith Roberts Lo

Meredith Roberts Lo


As a physical therapist, I have always had a vision that we could do better and help more people. Since 2005 I have been experimenting and cultivating how to best help people get better and stay better. My vision is to share my expertise of Parkinson’s Disease and how to best manage it through learning to be resilient, using exercise like medicine, and finding support through community. Simply put, helping people create the life they love, despite Parkinson’s Disease.

Meredith also is the owner of Roberts Empowered Movement, a woman owned Physical Therapy practice that seeks to inspire and empower each person to live their highest quality of life and take control of their disease using evidence-based techniques and compassion.

Dana Pate

Dana Pate

Development Director

With more than 20 years of executive level experience for the March of Dimes and American Diabetes, I am honored to bring my board development and fundraising successes to Parkinson’s Pointe. Working in many markets developing corporate partners, major gifts and developing successful boards, I am excited to create these funding opportunities at Parkinson’s Pointe.  Partnering with the board, we will develop donor stewardship plans and expand our volunteer membership.   Creating funding opportunities and telling our story will help build a legacy that will improve the quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s.  I am thrilled to be part of this team.

Our Board

Chair – Joseph Miller

Dr. Jay Alberts

Jeremy Keck

Greg Ritscher

Leon Vanderploeg

Jack Venable 

Kristi Volskis

Molly Waters

Robin Wurst




Alejandro Ayala: A certified personal trainer and boxing coach, who has been working with the PD community for over eight years. Alejandro’s insight into the needs of his boxers is intuitive and his humor appreciated. He serves as a senior instructor for our community.  

Robyn Gisbert: A doctor of physical therapy with 25 years of experience. She currently serves as Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Physical Therapy Program where she has taught since 2007. Much of her clinical work has focused on using music and dance with older adults and individuals who have neurological disorders.  She serves as a senior instructor for our community.

Bethany Labue: A certified personal trainer and certified STOTT Pilates instructor is a wellbeing enthusiast.  She has taught group fitness for over 15 years including strength and balance, Pilates, spin, and is a professional life coach.  She is excited to be a part of the PD community.

Shruti Keskar: A certified yoga instructor, she has developed a passion for applying the art of yoga to those with movement limitations and PD.  She has been teaching in the Parkinson’s community for a couple years and is now working towards her advanced degree in yoga.

Allan Marvin: A certified personal trainer and dedicated coach to all seniors.  Al has applied his love for Tai Chi, spinning, and strength and conditioning to our community.