Masters Thesis Survey

Hello everyone,

My name is Shruti Keskar. I am a Yoga Teacher with Parkinson’s Pointe and Parkinson’s Association of Rockies (PAR). I teach the in-person as well as Zoom yoga classes for both communities. I have an Undergraduate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine and Yoga Therapy, and currently am a candidate for Master of Science in Yoga at Vivekananda Yoga University (VaYU) in Los Angeles, CA. 

As a part of this Master’s program, I will be completing a research thesis on Yoga and Parkinson’s Disease. As I have been teaching Yoga for people with PD for over a year now, I thought this would be a great learning opportunity for me to dive deeper in this subject. My study is focused on comparison on different kinds of fitness measures popularly practiced by the people with PD. 

Research has proven that various forms of exercises have a powerful effect in managing symptoms of PD and to improve overall quality of life. 

As a part of my thesis, I am requesting a one-time survey / set of questionnaires filled by all of you. This will be in a format of a Google form which will open on the computer with a link. The questions will mainly about fitness classes in Parkinson’s disease, for example, type of fitness classes you attend and how many times a week, etc.  I am glad that PAR/ Parkinson’s Pointe offer variety of fitness classes and I see many of you regularly attending not only Yoga but many other fitness classes. 

The purpose of this survey is mainly to 

  • Study what exercises are more popular among people with Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Understand the specific effect of different kind of exercises 
  • To study if Yoga being a mind body practice has any additional effect on the mental, emotional, and psychological aspect on those who practice it
  • To understand how much awareness is there about the therapeutic effect of Yoga in Parkinson’s disease.

This survey is for everyone who are attending any of the fitness classes (kick boxing, circuit training, tai chi, dance, strength and balance class and Yoga) and not just Yoga. This is also for those who have never attended Yoga class but have been regularly attending other fitness classes. I request you to take your time and fill this one-time survey even if you have never practiced Yoga. 

Informed Consent: The first page of the google form is the informed consent for taking up this survey. If you wish to not participate in this survey you can choose to do so, and I respect your decision. 

Confidentiality: None of your personal information will be recorded in the survey, except your age and gender. Confidentiality will be strictly maintained during the survey and all the shared information will be used for the purpose of my research thesis only. 

If you wish to participate in the survey, it would be helpful if you are able to submit the survey before end of February. 


I am grateful for your time and effort and as an expression of gratitude I will be offering five free Zoom classes (one class/week) in the month of May. I will be sharing the details about these later as we get closer to May. 

Please use the following link to take the survey.

If you have any doubts, concerns or questions regarding the survey feel free reach out to me via email at or by phone at 925-301-3477.

Thank you for your help in completing my thesis. 


Shruti Keskar