Our mission and vision is as follows.


At Parkinson’s Pointe we facilitate connections and provide programs that empower change. Our mission is to provide the needed services, support and programs that allow the community affected by Parkinson’s to maximize their quality of life.


Our vision is to create a community where people with Parkinson’s feel connected and empowered to live their best life forward. Parkinson’s Pointe intends to:

  • Support the community affected by Parkinson’s by providing educational resources
  • Provide high quality programs that are consistent with the latest research
  • Facilitate connections for the Parkinson’s community locally and globally

By teaching resilience, providing high quality programs, and facilitating community connections, Parkinson’s Pointe will provide the tools necessary to help those affected by Parkinson’s disease to take control over their lives. People with Parkinson’s will inspire each other; we are creating a space to facilitate connections and developing programs to empower change.

Parkinson’s Pointe is a non-profit center that helps support people affected by Parkinson’s disease. Part of this program is providing them with Parkinson’s specific exercise classes provided by trained class instructors. We are beginning this center by running 3 to 4 classes a day Monday through Friday. The classes will include but are not limited to yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, dance, low-intensity and high-intensity better balance and/or PWR! Class, music therapy class, LOUD for life class or communication club, and educational and social based groups. We will have all our participants sign a liability waiver and their physician sign a medical consent form. We also hold insurance and can provide that information upon request.

We are a separate non-profit from Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies (PAR) and will work alongside them to meet the community’s needs. These classes will be in addition to the current classes that are operating in the community and sponsored by PAR. We will work alongside the current classes and organizations to support the PD community. Our goal is to provide more options within one location in order to remove barriers such as driving limitations, need for multiple types of classes, and decreased class availability in their neighborhood.

We will begin classes in a temporary location as our permanent home is created. This location is within the Metropolitan Dance Academy at 8985 E. Nichols Ave., Centennial, CO 80112.